Lockdowns and the UK: The Year-long Path to 100,000 deaths

robin smith
3 min readMar 30, 2021

Join Rob as he reflects on the last year of Lockdowns in the UK.

What were the events that lead to the UK having such a monumentally terrible outcome to the first year of a word in a pandemic.

We look back along some key events of the timeline and reflect on all that has happened so far this past year.

Please forgive my out of shape heavy breathing in the opening of this video, and any unintended motion sickness. Consider this a warning if you do get motion sick easily.

Skip forward by 3 minutes if you want to get to the bulk of the video. This is an experiment in my abilities as a “filmmaker” and I’m still very much learning.

I would have liked to do a lot more work on this, but I had already missed a couple of my intended launch dates ahead of this and decided to just finish it with what I have.

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Soundtrack — (original cut)

1: London Punkharmonic Orchestra — (1998) Symphony Of Destruction Punk Goes Classical — 04 — Down In The Tube Station At Midnight [The Jam]

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