The Timeline 1.1 X-Men

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2 min readOct 19, 2020

Episode 1.1 The Timeline X-Men

Rob and Linbert return to begin a new journey through the timeline of everything that has and will have been. We move from the dark and moody world of vampires and daywalkers to the much lighter world of Mutants and Super Powers as we tackle the fox produced X-Men movie series.

Starting as one would expect, at X-Men.

Sadly this is a challenging episode for a number of reasons, both the daunting task of tackling multiple timelines and universes, as well as needing to talk about some potentially upsetting real world events.

We promise that we’ll try to keep it light in the future, honest.

Music featured — Tracks

‘Magneto Stand Off’ and ‘Logan and Rogue’ From the X-Men Original Soundtrack by Michael Kamen

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