The Timeline Episode 1.4: X-Men Last Stand

robin smith
2 min readApr 23, 2021


In this episode of the timeline Rob and Linbert revisit 2006 and the last film in the original X-Men trilogy, The Last Stand.

We discuss Mutant morality, video games, level 5 powers, abuse of powers, science, and wolverines inability to work as part of a team. (Spoilers, he’s got no problem doing this).

We also finally get a somewhat definitive timeline for the full X-Men trilogy of films, and make a shock discovery as we do.

So don’t get your panties in a twist and listen now to the timeline episode 1.4 before things begin getting complicated next episode.

If you enjoyed this episode or have any thoughts about X-Men The Last Stand or our next film X-Men origins wolverine, feel free to email us at


2005 — scientific american october 2005 — — all issues back to 1800's

2017 — Six women accuse filmmaker Brett Ratner of sexual Misconduct :

2017 — Brett Ratner rape accuser urges victims to ‘have the courage to speak out’ —

2017 — Film-maker Brett Ratner accused by six women of sexual misconduct —

2017 — Brett Ratner accused of rape in most serious allegation yet against film-maker —

2018 — Warner Bros ends $450 million deal with Brett Ratner after sexual misconduct claims —

2021 — Brett Ratner Lines Up Directing Comeback On Milli Vanilli Biopic With Millennium Launching Sales —

2021 — Time’s Up condemns return of Brett Ratner after sexual misconduct allegations: ‘There should be no comeback’ —

2020 — Vinnie Jones: ‘It’s OK to grieve — people shouldn’t bottle it up’ —

2019 — Vinnie Jones’ wife Tanya dies after long illness —

— -

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